Bashaw School's Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten days in Bashaw School are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and scheduled Fridays. The Kindergarten program is designed to provide learning experiences that meet individual needs, interests, and developmental levels. It also provides opportunities for children to share and discover things about themselves, as well as their environment, through organized activities, purposeful play, and cooperation with others.  Considerable thought and planning goes into every aspect of the program from classroom set-up, to meeting curriculum requirements, to choosing games and activities for centers.  Every effort is made to provide a comfortable and safe environment for the students to learn and grow in. Children are eligible for registration if they have their fifth birthday on or before December 31.  To register a child in Kindergarten, the parents will need to fill out a Battle River School Division #31 Registration Form, and also provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate. There are no registration fees to attend Kindergarten.


Access Registration Forms Here