Principal's Message

Principal's Message Fall 2023

Here at Bashaw School, we believe in “Excellence in Education for All” and this is what we strive for in our daily work with everyone. This is our way of life here at Bashaw School.

Our mission is to develop students into responsible and productive citizens through a balanced program which will foster all of our students in their intellectual, social, creative and physical development. All of these targets are set in a safe and caring environment designed to enhance the growth of our students. 

Bashaw School has a long and proud history of achieving excellence. This has been a focus of this school and community for many years. We all work hard to instill the characteristics that lead to this excellence with our stakeholders. This excellence is displayed in our academics, social interactions and our athletics. All the stakeholders in our school hold themselves to a high standard and work hard to support each other so we can all reach our highest potential. 

We aim for a wide variety of resources and supports so that we can allow our students to flourish in their learning and their development. With all of us working together, our students can achieve the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful in this ever-changing world. Our school community plays a vital role in our students’ educational experience and we value the immense support that they provide for our students and the school. “Excellence in Education for All” is a result of the combined effort and will of the entire Bashaw School community and the stakeholders. 

If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact the school. Open communication is an asset with such a wide support group for our students. We are here to assist you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. On behalf of the Staff and Students of the Bashaw school, we thank our families and the community for all the work they do to support such a great school. 


Craig Dimond