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Paperless Report Cards

Battle River School Division will be embarking on a pilot program this year regarding how student academic progress will be reported. Historically, report cards were used to inform parents/guardians of student performance at a specific period in time. With our move to PowerSchool, BRSD parents now have real-time access to their child’s academics and growth through the parent portal or the PowerSchool phone application. Many  jurisdictions throughout the province have also made the move to digital reporting with positive results. Effective the 2022-2023 school year, your child’s school has asked to participate in a pilot program and therefore,  will no longer be sending home a printed report card as a progress report. 

This change to reporting is intended to ensure you can:

  1. Have real time information on your child’s learning;
  2. Check on assessment results anytime - not limited to 3Xs per year;
  3. Partner in your child’s learning - not an observer; 
  4. Help your child in a timely manner - not two months later - missing assignments can be dealt with before they become an issue; 
  5. Readily access teacher feedback on assignments and better support student learning;
  6. Be engaged in the learning process - it’s a partnership;
  7. Stay in close communication with teacher(s)

Please note that any parents without access to technology should contact your child's school so that you can set up arrangements for timely reporting of your child's progress if that is your wish.

Bashaw School sent out an initial survey at the beginning of September (with two additional reminders via School Messenger) to get insight from parents and guardians, and we are pleased to say that there is a majority of parents and guardians in favour of this pilot. We have also met with our School Council on two separate occasions to give information about this pilot and have had positive feedback there as well. Furthermore, our staff is committed to the pilot and have been working hard to update comments for assignments in Powerschool. Should you need more information to get on to the PowerSchool App or are having any difficulties with PowerSchool, please come to the office and we can assist you.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Krysta Rathwell at 780-372-3800 or

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